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Kalisto is a hybrid Superstar who has always felt destined for big things. Born in Chicago, but raised in Mexico City , the luchador is no stranger to sports-entertainment. Known for his innovative speed and agility, Kalisto conquered Mexico ... Read More

Birth Name: Emmanuel Rodriguez
Born: November 14, 1986
Billed Height: 5' 6" 
Also known as: Samuray del Sol & Octagon Jr
Who is international sensation & NXT Superstar Kalisto? He is a Mexican-American luchador from Chicago, Illinois who made a name for himself by performing on the independent wrestling circuit asSamuray del Sol as well as performing in AAA as Octagon Jr. Kalisto, who signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in May of 2013. He made his first television appearance with NXT Wrestling on May 08, 2014. Interested in learning more about Kalisto? Find out more information here. 


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SummerSlam Preview: WWE Tag Team Title Match
Published by: · Date: 2015/08/18 · Filed Under: Match Preview, PPV

Presiding over a division marked by great parity, WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players get set to battle The New Day, The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores in a Fatal 4-Way Match at SummerSlam.

Diego & Fernando first upended Titus O’Neil & Darren Young in a non-title match on the July 20 edition of Raw, thanks partly to a distraction by Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods. Since then, The Lucha Dragons have been able to notch a win over Los Matadores, as have The New Day, underscoring the competitiveness in the tag ranks.

Which duo will assert itself as WWE’s premier team at The Biggest Party of the Summer?

Can O’Neil & Young’s well-meshed combination of strength and precision help them extend their golden reign? Will the presence of a third man at ringside for The New Day ensure their victory and, in turn, a second run with the WWE Tag Team Championship? Or will the mesmerizing speed, polished teamwork or awe-inspiring agility of either The Lucha Dragons or Los Matadores net one of those teams its first tag title?

Don’t blink when these four teams lock up in what is sure to be a fast-paced and exciting championship match at SummerSlam. Watch WWE’s summer spectacular live, only on the award-winning WWE Network, on Sunday, Aug. 23, at 7 ET/4 PT.

WWE Main Event Results – August 04, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/08/18 · Filed Under: Results, WWE Main Event

The Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension

In the main event, The Ascension start things off with cutting a promo on the Lucha Dragons, stating that although Lucha might mean fight in Spanish, tonight it’ll mean dead meat. Tonight, The Ascension will crush the Lucha Dragon’s dream of being Tag Team Champions.

The match begins with Kalisto and Viktor starting things out. Konnor gets tagged in and tries to ground Kalisto. Kalisto tags out to Cara who hits a springboard forearm and then a cross body, followed by a moonsault. The men fumble outside of the ring before taking a commercial break.

Back in the ring, Sin Cara falls to Viktor who takes control. Viktor stomps on Cara and tags in Konnor. Both men send Sin Cara into the turnbuckle and as they make frequent tags, Viktor stays in the ring. Sin Cara punches out of Viktor’s hold only to be whipped back. As soon as Sin Cara goes for the tag to Kalisto, Konnor pulls Kalisto off of the apron.

Finally, Kalisto tags in and hits a cross body and then a corkscrew splash. Kalisto lands a Listo Kick to Viktor and goes for a nearfall. Konnor comes in and after a failed attempt of messing with Kalisto, Kalisto sends him out of the ring. Kalisto lands a Salida del Sol on Viktor, tags in Sin Cara who lands his senton and picks up the pinfall.

WWE Raw Results – August 03, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/08/04 · Filed Under: Gallery Additions, Monday Night Raw, Results

The New Day & Ascension defeated Los Matadores & Lucha Dragons

With the Prime Time Players on commentary, The New Day with The Ascension take on The Lucha Dragons with Los Matadores. The match begins with Kalisto and Kofi Kingston, with both men doing a series of acrobatic moves. Kalisto tags in Fernando who goes for a pinfall but Kalisto kicks out. Diego comes in and keeps Kofi grounded. Viktor comes off the tag from Kofi, but Diego keeps the match going his way. As Diego goes for a jump from the rope, The Ascension distract him and allow Viktor to push him onto the floor outside.

Back from a commercial break and Kofi Kingston is back in the ring with control. Kofi tags out to Viktor once more and Viktor keeps Diego down. He goes for a pinfall, but Diego kicks out. Viktor goes for a cheap shot to Deigo’s team, but Diego uses it to his advantage and tags in Sin Cara. Sin Cara explodes off the ropes, as Kofi Kingston is back in the ring. Sin Cara goes for a pin, but Kofi kicks out. Viktor and Konnor try to get in the match but Los Matadores take care of them outside of the ring. Big E is sent out of the ring but he takes Los Matadores down. Sin Cara lands his senton on Big E as Kalisto is the legal man and goes for a pin on Kofi.

Kalisto goes to the top rope but Xavier tries to interfere, however, El Torito intervenes and stops him. As Kalisto was distracted from those two, Kofi Kingston lands his Trouble in Paradise and pins Kalisto to win.

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WWE SmackDown Results – July 30, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/08/04 · Filed Under: Gallery Additions, Results, WWE SmackDown

Lucha Dragons & Los Matadores defeated New Day & The Ascension

In an 8 Man Tag Team match, Los Matadores team up with the Lucha Dragons to take on the New Day with the Ascension. The match kicks off with Fernando and Viktor, with Fernando getting the upper hand. Sin Cara is tagged in and comes off from over the ropes with an explosion of moves. Konnor is tagged in and quickly goes after Sin Cara. However, Sin Cara is able to reverse a double team attempt from the Ascension, and as he goes to climb the top rope, Xavier Woods and the rest of the New Day distract him and sends him out of the ring.

Back from a commercial break, the opposing team exchanges hits on Sin Cara as they attempt to ground him. Kofi Kingston is tagged in and holds Sin Cara back from his team. Sin Cara attempts to inch his way towards his team mates, but gets pulled back which allows Viktor to tag in. Big E then tags in and him in Kofi Kingston double team against Cara. Viktor is once again tagged into the match and Sin Cara is finally able to fight through! He tries to tag Kalisto only for Viktor to hold him back. Sin Cara is able to knock Viktor down and tag in Kalisto!

Kalisto comes in off the hot tag and goes to work on Big E, who was also tagged in. He lands a cross body and then a plant from the middle rope. Kalisto lands a kick to Big E and then a DDT from the top rope. Xavier Woods tries to interfere, but El Torito comes in and takes him down. Back in the ring, Kofi Kingston tries to attack Kalisto from behind, but Kalisto takes him out. Big E then hits Kalisto and knock him down, picks him up onto his shoulders and then Viktor decides to tag himself in. Confused, Big E walks over and Kalisto is able to hop off of his shoulders and push Big E towards Viktor, knocking him down. Los Matadores take Big E out and back in the ring, Kalisto rolls Viktor up and picks up the pinfall for his team!

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Monday Night Raw Results – July 27, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/28 · Filed Under: Gallery Additions, Monday Night Raw, Results

The Lucha Dragons defeated Los Matadores

Kalisto and Sin Cara take on Los Matadores with The Prime Time Players on Raw. Sin Cara starts things off and lands a few nearfalls. Sin Cara lands a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker and tags in Kalisto who double teams and gains a nearfall. Kalisto quickens the pace, launching off the ropes and attempting to ground Diego. Fernando comes in from a blind tag and takes control over Kalisto.

Kalisto gets out of the hold he’s in and is able to tag in Sin Cara. Diego comes back into the ring and tries to double team against Sin Cara, but Sin Cara is able to counter with a cross body. Los Matadores catch him, but Sin Cara is able to send one of them out of the ring. Sin Cara is sent out of the ring and El Torito hits Sin Cara.

Outside of the ring, Sin Cara is taking some serious hits from Fernando. Los Matadors make a tag and double team against Sin Cara again. Diego goes for a headlock but Sin Cara is able to stand out. Fernando is tagged in and Diego then rolls onto Sin Cara and goes for a pin.

Los Matadors keep control of the match, constantly tagging in and out. Fernando continues to keep a hold on Sin Cara but he’s able to finally power out of his hold. Sin Cara reaches towards Kalisto and makes the tag! Diego comes in off a tag too and Kalisto explodes off the ropes! He sends Diego down to the mat with a DDT and as he goes for the pin, Fernando tries to break it up. Kalisto sends him out of the ring and Sin Cara keeps him out of the ring. Kalisto goes after Diego and as he does, The New Day come out to the ring to interrupt the match. Kalisto is able to land a roll up and pick up the pinfall for the Lucha Dragons!

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WWE’s 8 Most Underrated Superstars & Divas
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/21 · Filed Under: Articles, WWE.Com

WWE recently published an article entitled 8 Most Underrated Superstars & Divas. In the article, WWE.com editors write about 8 Superstars/Divas and Tag Teams who they believe are underrated and should be kept an eye on. Kalisto and Sin Cara were listed as the Lucha Dragons:

There will never be another Rey Mysterio, but if you’re looking for an heir apparent to The Ultimate Underdog, these human ping-pong balls from NXT are a good place to start. Formed in Full Sail University after the dynamic Kalisto united with incumbent luchador Sin Cara, The Lucha Dragons instantly cemented themselves as show-stealing attractions who could back up their bravura, knocking off The Ascension’s herculean NXT Tag Team Title reign.

The fireworks continued when the Dragons appeared together on the main roster for the first time on March 30, but they haven’t been in the mix as much as you might expect since that night, as The New Day commandeered the WWE Tag Team Title picture almost instantly. However, like any good dragons, don’t expect them to be kept down for long. — ANTHONY BENGINO

WWE Superstars Results – July 16, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/21 · Filed Under: Results, WWE Superstars

The Lucha Dragons & Zack Ryder defeated The Ascension & Bo Dallas

In the main event of WWE Superstars, The Lucha Dragons and Zack Ryder team up to take on the Team of Bo Dallas and The Ascension. The match starts off with Kalisto and Bo Dallas, with a Lucha chant breaking out as well! Kalisto lands a kick to Dallas followed by a corkscrew into a cross body on Dallas, and then tags in Ryder. Konnor gets tagged in and goes to work on Ryder.

The Ascension and Bo Dallas make frequent tags against Zack Ryder. Ryder finally begins to fight back, but Viktor is able to get a sneak tag in, and ambushes Ryder. Bo Dallas is tagged in against Ryder now and attempts to keep Ryder grounded. Ryder is able to crawl towards the Lucha Dragons and tags in Sin Cara! Sin Cara goes to work on Viktor, landing a springboard cross body and then a moonsault. Cara goes for a pin, but Viktor kicks out.

Viktor goes for a power bomb, but Cara is able to reverse it into a pinfall. Dallas breaks it up and Ryder goes after Bo and then Konnor comes in. Ryder takes Konnor out, connects with the Broski Boot on Dallas. Cara tags in Kalisto as Ryder holds the ropes open, Kalisto and Sin Cara dive onto the Ascension outside! Kalisto rolls Viktor into the ring and then connects with the Salida del Sol! Sin Cara is tagged in and lands his swanton bomb and picks up the pinfall. Zack Ryder and The Lucha Dragons win!

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WWE SmackDown Results – July 16, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/21 · Filed Under: Gallery Additions, Results, WWE SmackDown

The New Day defeated The Lucha Dragons

The Lucha Dragons approach the ring first as they prepare for their match against The New Day. The match starts off with Sin Cara locking up with Kofi Kingston. They fly around the ring before Big E is tagged in. Big E tags in Kofi and hopes to double team against Cara, but Cara is able to counter the attack and send both of them to the mat. Cara tags in Kalisto, and they double team against Kofi. Kalisto tags Sin Cara in once again and Big E and Kofi take him out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Sin Cara is in the corner as Big E and Kofi Kingston make frequent tags in and out to stomp on Cara. Sin Cara begins to fight back against The New Day and finally tags in Kalisto! Kalisto comes off the tag and lands a cross body, as he goes for a corkscrew from the ropes, Big E catches him. Instead, Kalisto connects with a kick to the face and sends Kofi out who tries to interfere. Sin Cara then takes out Kofi outside while Kalisto lands the Salida del Sol on Big E! Xavier Woods tries to interfere, and Sin Cara manages to stop it. Sin Cara is knocked down by Kofi Kingston and when Kalisto goes after Big E again, he gets caught. Kofi and Big E take Kalisto out and Kofi Kingston picks up the pin for the team.

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WWE SmackDown Spoilers – July 16, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/16 · Filed Under: Spoilers, WWE SmackDown

Kalisto will be on SmackDown this Thursday, July 16, 2015. Hover below if you would like to know what he’ll be up to.

With The Prime Time Players on commentary, The New Day defeated The Lucha Dragons
WWE Superstars Spoilers – July 17, 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/16 · Filed Under: Spoilers, WWE Superstars

Kalisto will be on Superstars this Friday, July 17, 2015 which can be viewed on hulu.com Hover below if you would like to know what he’ll be up to.

The Lucha Dragons and Zack Ryder defeated The Ascension and Bo Dallas